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With regard to August 28, 2017 and my attendance at the Callander Public Meeting September 21, 2017.

Shortly after this meeting a friend called me up, came to visit, we chatted and one of his questions was "When did the Golden Lake area become a reserve" I found this explanation which I have included below as part of a kind of an
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. From followings are copies of the first 4 paragraphs in italics
  1. "Algonquins of Golden Lake in 1890."
  2. "It is our belief that we occupied North America since time immemorial. There is archaeological evidence indicating Algonquins occupied the Ottawa Valley for at least the last 10,000 years. Our first European contact was with Samuel de Champlain in 1603. Numerous years after, Algonquins became allies with the French. At the conquest of 1759 when the French were conquered by the British, the British specified in the 1763 Royal Proclamation that ‘the Indians should not be molested on their hunting grounds’, meaning we could only sell our lands after a public council for that purpose was held and that our lands could not be sold until they were ceded [surrendered]."
  3. "We never surrendered our land. The government took or purchased our land from other First Nations that had no claim to the land. We petitioned these purchases and the Crown acknowledged that we never entered into treaties, nor taken part in any surrendering of lands"
  4. "In 1774, the Quebec Act extended the boundaries of Quebec, which included areas of our land and in the 1791 Constitution Act, the Ottawa River became the diving line between Upper and Lower Canada. This placed our land and people under two separate government administrations."
On reading this I was struck by Following are my efforts to confirm my suppostions as my comments to this Draft EER with it's deadline of Octobeer 17, 2017

There are other things that I don't find right because this claim overlaps at least 5, perhaps 6 existing and completed treaties (cessions) that I feel must be dealt with before proceding:

shown on the map below

This was well outlined and I expect irrefutable but somewhat bloated I copied then condensed this simply by taking some of the extraneous stuff out.
You can make up your own mind from this!