PROBLEMS with the construction of the North Bay Waterfront, Kings Wharf and the Marina.

In 1915-16 the water of Lake Nipissing was raised 3m+/- by the Federal Government's Department of Public Works and since has been kept at that level except for the winter when it is drawn down to control the spring flooding! This flooding killed off the vegetation that was holding that "river of sand" in place restarting that longshore drift which now is puny compared to previous times above but still very potent!
  1. The following is extracted from Navionics (US & Canada) and setting the shallow water to blue gives an overview of what the resurrected "river of sand" looked like.

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    Here is what the area of the North Bay shoreline first looked like.

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    notice the lack of foreshore (probably 8m.) This picture had to taken from the top of the headland (a wave cut beach dune)

    This shows the dock was on piles so that longshore drift flowed through. This was retained until 1984! The Federal Government actually built that dock and dammed the outlet (French River) with the Chaudiere Dams!
  2. Then in 1985 the Federal Government's Fisheries and Oceans built the North Bay waterfront Marina

    Being Fisheries and Oceans these people should have known better because this complex virtually (b)was more of a Groyne than a marina which has totally blocked the longshore drift for the last 31 years! Why would the D.F.O. make such a grave mistake?