Live Stats For Website 20170414 - This is an open letter (without prejudice) to anybody who may have concerns about the North Bay Waterfront. It is a work in progress and I reserve the right to make additions and changes.

Very little is written about Lake Nipissing and environs!
Glacial runoff and history have made vast changes to it

My concern about this drift and pollution being entrapped within Marathon Beach started with and has continued from a number of reports
  1. City of North Bay 1993-4 Baird / Proctor & Redfern - "Marathon Beach Environmental Study
  2. North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority - Baird - "North Bay Waterfront Assessment - Final Report"
      I challenged this report at it's public meeting and was ridiculed even laughed at!
  3. and the City of North Bay's King’s Landing Wharf and Waterfront Marina (Schedule C, Class Environmental Assessment)
    • They didn't think much of my comments either!
I think that the above reports particularly #2 and #3 had restricted focus (i.e. done without taking into account the overall background history, geomorphology, currents and forces within Lake Nipissing. To me, without that understanding, it is virtually impossible to do anything reasonable to solve the problems of specific parts of Lake Nipissing.)

In the past year the City of North Bay has commissioned an EA with 3 separate Public Information Centres But the scope of this study was completely restricted to an area about 100 to 200 metres on either side of this complex!

To the best of my knowledge, the King's Wharf / Marina was commissioned and built by the federal governemt (remember the brass plaque earlier in this missive) and if there is litigation forthcoming I would think that it will be towards them but if the City makes any changes to that footprint then I figure the City of North Bay will take on that responsibility!

I am linking to Wikipedia's explanation of how longshore drift occurs and what drives it.

and a clipping of Gartner's engineering soils map
  1. The above shows that shoreline consists mostly of relic shingle beaches and boulder beaches.
  2. this was Nipissing Great Lakes coast line.
  3. the brown arrows show where the drift comes from Sturgeon River Delta or it's relic delta aka Sturgeon Flats (probably the most prolific because of a counter clockwise eddy that "shoots" the drift into the main stream because of an under water obstruction between the Jocko Point Penisula - Goose Islands granite ridge.
  4. blue areas show where the prevailing waves come from
  5. this is confirmed by showing Windbuoys Lake Nipissing yearly "wind rose" in context.

I needed to show the above map clippings and the following ones because I made a mistake in my comments to the current EA which caused the City and their Consultants to totally reject those comments.
I do not know of any other way to challenge this - so:

  1. I must reject this rejection based on this clipping

    I am unsure of how they read the "wave rose" (wasn't included) so I would direct them to WeatherFlow so they can learn " Remember how wind direction is reported. The meteorological standard is that wind direction indicates the direction the wind is blowing from and not the direction the wind is blowing toward. So, a reading of WSW means the wind is blowing from the WSW. "