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2017 11 27 GSC - Barlow's introduction of the Nipissing and Temiscaming map sheets Part 1 (pages 6 to 42.)

The geology and natural resources included in the Nipissing and Temiscaming map sheets Part 1 (pages 6 to 42.)

I first encountered this report and maps working in Road Design 60 years ago. Even then, I was surprised by the age (January 1897) and accuracy of these map sheets which showed the location of most of the portages (a lot of the water bodies have the "Indian" names. Very early on I used copies of them to "yonder" over much of Nipissing, Temagami and Kipewa areas mostly by canoe.
    They can be viewed or downloaded from Geological Surveys Canada Web site as
  1. The 1897 Lake Temiscaming Sheet 138 (599) download pdf
  2. The 1897 Nipissing Sheet 136 (606) download pdf
      also available as an 1908 series that are virtually identical but with the T&NO and Grand Trunk railroads added.
  3. The 1908 Lake Temiscaming Sheet 138 (599) download pdf
  4. The 1908 Nipissing Sheet 136 (606) download pdf
These maps were and are covered in "A. E. Barlow's report covering the Geology and natural history of this area together this report and it's maps give exceptional insight into the country covered.
Last Thanksgiving (Canadian - Oct 11, 2015) my wife's family had a family reunion near Calagbogie and I attended. The males generally love golf, pool and walking (the best I can do now is hold up the group) so I went searching for books and came up with 3 of them and downloaded them to my tablet. One was "Reading the Rocks" - it's sales pitch was
To my surprise, I found that this book is a very modern update, expansion and extension of A. E. Barlows 1897 report and maps! Because of that I decided to update a number of web pages I had prepared circa 2000.
and because the copy I had was hard to read I transcribed the first 42 pages of this report in normal black type within quotation marks adding my notes and comments to the report in italics and purple